Activating Prior Knowledge

Activating Prior Knowledge

One important skill that sets proficient readers apart from readers that struggle is the ability to recall information that they have learned or experienced.  This is called “activating their prior knowledge”.  When a child has a previous experience with a topic they are reading about, it makes it easier for that child to make predictions and comprehend what they are reading.  That is why it is so important to expose your child to a wide variety of books and magazines as well as experiences through different activities you may do at home like going to the zoo, beach, a museum, or even watching educational TV shows.

Strategies for Activating Prior Knowledge

If your child is unfamiliar with a topic or a book, there are still skills that they can implement to help activate prior knowledge as a tool while they are reading.  Paths to Understanding, Previewing, and Chunking, are all strategies that can be used at home to help you child build reading skills from previous experiences.

Stay tuned for part II of this series on Activating Prior Knowledge.

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