Activities to help Your Child Learn Sight Words – Part I

Activities to help Your Child Learn Sight Words

Sight words are words that children should be able to read just by the sight of the word rather than sounding out the word through the use of phonics or decoding skills.  Sight words are typically taught starting in kindergarten with your child learning approximately one new sight word per week.  These are high-frequency words including “it”, “have”, “I”, am”, among many others.  Supporting your child’s development of sight words at home is very beneficial for their early literacy development.

Dolch Sight Word Lists & Bob Books

Here is a list of the Dolch sight words that you can use for these various activities.  There are several lists that are created, including by grade, by frequency, and alphabetically.  These lists also include the top 95 most common nouns.

When broken down by level, these are the words that you will most commonly see in books for that age group.  As you see your child progressing through the words successfully, you don’t have to stick to the words just in that grade level.  However, you will want to make sure that you are reading books at home that incorporate the words you are learning as reinforcement.  Bob Books are a great choice to start incorporating reading and sight words with your young reader.  They help setup your child for success with the ability for your child to read an entire book and build their skills as they read through the sets of books.

Stay tuned for Part II of our Sight Words Series!

Written by Laura VanHellemont

Photo by Kathy Cassidy

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