Finding the Best Balance for your Advanced Reader: Broadening their Horizon

In this series, you have learned a lot about how to encourage and help your advanced reader grow and flourish with their reading skills. Books lists, eBooks, and a variety of tips have been presented. In one of those tips from the second post in this series on books lists, I encouraged you to help your reader to expand their horizons by trying to reading books out of their comfort zone. This can include books written in a different style, from a different genre, or by different authors. This can help keep their reading options fresh, allow them to gain a new perspective, as well as building their reading skills.

Here are some suggestions to help increase the variety of text, novels, and reading that your child is exposed to:

  • Create a family reader’s theater where your children can read and perform skits with limited to no props. Here is a list of free scripts to use for your reader’s theater.
  • Introduce poetry to your child. This can be as simple as reading Shel Silverstein or introducing them to a novel written in prose like Sharon Creech’s Love that Dog.
  • Non-fiction books, magazines, and newspapers are a great way for your child to learn about the world. This can include books about geography, animals, and news that impacts children. Time for Kids, National Geographic, and Scholastic have a variety of options.
  • Graphic novels are a big hit right now with children.   Graphic novels combine high adventure in a comic book type format with the length and vocabulary of a traditional book. The I Love Libraries website has a variety of graphic novels from early elementary ages through middle school.

What are your child’s favorite books?

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