Advanced Readers – Using eBooks

eBooks are a great way for children to have access to a wide variety of books at their fingertips. Many libraries have growing libraries of eBooks as well as having accessibility to even more books through various apps and services. This post will provide you with the information to help you help your child to get started with borrowing and buying eBooks. Advanced readers using eBooks can mean a lot of motivation to keep them reading and learning.

  • The most popular eBook app that libraries utilize is OverDrive. OverDrive connects you to your local libraries (or even school library) database of eBooks and audiobooks. Content availability and quantity will depend based upon your libraries offerings. You find your library, login with your library card, and then you can download the eBook you would like to read. This easy and free service allows your advanced reader to have a wide variety of books. If your child is under 13, choices will be restricted to only those appropriate books for that age group.
  • While I have previously posted about the Epic app as a good resource for struggling readers, it is also very beneficial for younger advanced readers. The app contains a variety of eBooks for younger readers, especially good content is available for non-fiction, as well as containing motivational elements of earning points for books read. The advantage for advanced readers is having a wide database to sort from and not being locked into one age group or reading level with the choices of books.
  • Lastly, iBooks(Apple only), Kindle, and Nook all have apps for readers to access eBooks. iBooks is provided by Apple, Kindle is provided by Amazon and Nook is provided by Barnes and Noble. You can purchase or rent books through their services to read on tablet devices. The advantage to these apps is the ability to purchase new releases without having to wait as well as having even larger databases of books available.

What are your favorite apps for your advanced reader to read eBooks? Check back later this week for the final post in this series about balancing reading options for your advanced reader.  Remember, eBooks for advanced readers can help motivate advanced learners.

Photo by: Wesley Fryer

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