Apps to Create Your Own eBooks at Home

vocabulary gamesIn the final post in our series on a toolbox of apps for parents to help their children read, you will learn about apps that you can use to create your own stories.

Our Story is a free interactive app where a parent can create digital storybooks based on digital pictures from their camera roll and text that the parent writes.  For example, you could create a book based on the photos you took on your visit to the zoo.  You start to create your book by choosing create, edit, change, you then select your photos, add text and audio (optional), and then add it to the film strip at the bottom of the app.  Once your story is complete, you save your work, and then go back to the home page of the app.  On the home page, you select use and choose which story you want to read.  The stories include a title page, all of your photos, text, and audio.  This is a great way to encourage your child to read based on their real life events and activities.

My Story is an app that you can use with your children to create their own eBook storybooks based off of their (or your) drawings.  In addition to drawings you can use photos, text, and audio recordings.  This app has an intuitive format easy for both parents and children to use.  Once their stories have been created, you can publish them to be read through iBooks or even email them.  With this app you can work with your child for them not only on reading, but also on writing and becoming an author.

All of these apps can help you to help your children to become strong life-long lovers of reading.

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