Apps to find Great Books for Your Children

Apps to find Great Books for Your Children

Continuing on our series on your parent app toolbox for reading, there are several high-quality apps that help parents and children to choose high-quality level appropriate books for home reading.

Level it Books is an inexpensive app where you can scan the ISBN number of a book to retrieve vital information about that book including the grade level equivalent, guided reading rate and DRA levels.  This is designed to help parents and tutors/teachers to help children to choose books that are appropriate for their reading level – a book that will provide a challenge, but not be too hard for them to read.  Additional features of this app include a book of the day recommendation, the ability to add books to your virtual library or create a wish list of future books you want to read.

Best Books for Tweens is an app that allows both you and your upper-elementary aged child to search popular high-quality books based on genre, ratings, title, author, or “books like”.  You and your child can then make a list of books that they are interested in reading or track books that they have already read.  When looking at the books your child can see the book cover, title, author, and a brief description of the book.  They can also read reviews (or post reviews) about the book and see (and give) ratings on the book.  This is a great way to get your child actively involved in choosing home reading books.

In our last post in this series on the parent’s app toolbox for reading, learn how to create your own eBook stories for your child to read at home.