Back to School Books – Tween Favorites

Upper-elementary school aged children also love stories about back-to-school and other silly school stories.  No matter their age, children can experience the excitement and anticipation to starting a new school year, in a new room, with a new teacher, and wondering which friends (or foes) may be in their class for the year.  These two back to school books are tween favorites.

One book I remember reading about school when I was child, that is still a popular today, is Sideways Stories from Wayside School.  It is a silly story about a school that was accidently built with one classroom per floor, 30 stories high.  The story takes a look into the classroom on the 30th floor and the silly stories are going on within those four walls.

Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, is a newer awarding winning and popular novel about a fifth grade boy who is entering a mainstream school for the first time because of a physical disability had previously required a different setting.  The story weaves through a variety of narrators and his process of making friends and enemies, enduring both bullying and close, long lasting friendship.  You will cheer and cry when reading this book.  My students have read Wonder and absolutely loved it.

What school-themed books did your kids like to read?  Check back later this week for our last post in our series about back to school books for beginning independent readers.

Photo by: S Watanabe

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