Back-to-School Books – PreK to Kindergarten

Do you have a preschooler (Prek) who will be entering kindergarten this fall? If so, your child may experience a wide range of emotions including excitement and apprehension.  They will be going to a new school with new children and new teachers.  There are many picture books and early reader books that help to ease this transition and help children to understand what to expect when they go to kindergarten.  Here are a few back-to-school books for PreK to Kindergarten that I recommend.

I am Too Absolutely Small for School by Lauren Child is a popular starting school book that is part of the Charlie and Lola series.  Little Lola is convinced that she does not need to go to school because she already knows everything she needs to know.  However, her bigger brother Charlie provides many different reasons on why Lola needs to go to school, convincing her to go in the end.  Their positive relationship in the story is a great reflection on how siblings can get along.  There is a silly and whimsical approach to the story that makes it a fun book for kids.

Another good back-to-school book choice is Pete the Cat:  Rocking my School Shoes.  This is a favorite series of mine that I have written about in a few posts in the past.  Pete experiences his first days of school in this novel where he explores the different parts of the school grounds and activities in his fancy new school shoes.  There is also a trailer music video of Pete “rockin’ in his school shoes” that is very catchy and cute that you can use to introduce the book to your children.

What are your favorite books that you read have read or plan to read to your new kindergartner?  Check back next week for specific back-to-school books that boys and girls will love.

Photo by: Ian Burt

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