Banned Book Week – Best Banned Books

Banned Book Week was celebrated a few weeks ago, from September 21-27th. This week honors books that have been or were attempted to be censored because of unpopular or unfavorable content. In addition, books are often attempted to be censored for material that is offensive, explicit, or inappropriate for the particular age group that it was written. The purpose of the week is to promote the ideals of the freedom of speech in writing.

When beginning to write this article, I was thinking about many of the books now considered classics that were previously banned including the books Brave New Word and Slaughterhouse-Five.   However, most of the censored books are actually children’s and teen’s books that specific groups of individuals viewed as containing inappropriate content for public and school library shelves. Some of these books include Captain Underpants, Harry Potter, The Giver, and plus many more.

Although Banned Book Week is past, celebrate the “freedom of books” by reading a book that was formerly challenged by censors or previously banned book with your children! Review the books from your own point of view and beliefs and select to read those that are appropriate for your child. The freedom to chose to read a book is important.

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