The Benefits of Daily Reading

One of the ways you can help your child the most is by encouraging them to have a short daily reading time every night.  This can be extremely hard to accomplish, especially for children who don’t enjoy reading or who struggle with reading.

Why Read Daily?

For children who don’t read fluently, the only way to improve is to practice.  Just like playing a musical instrument or being on a sports team, a child must practice reading in order to get better at it.  The best way to do that is to read independently every day.  The more a child reads at home, the better he will read in school which will help him in every subject, not just reading.  You can have your child read out loud to you or silently on his own. (I would recommend asking your child questions about their reading to make sure they are not just looking at the pictures or staring at the pages though.)

Short Daily Reading

Ideally, children should read for 20 to 30 minutes every day.  However, for a struggling reader that can seem like an eternity to sit and read.  If your child cannot read for 20 minutes, it is fine to start smaller.  Start by having him read only 5 or 10 minutes a night instead.  As they become more used to reading every night, increase the length of time by a minute or two each week.  Eventually their reading stamina will grow, and they will be able to read for longer periods of time every day.

Simple Daily Reading

Remember that any reading can help your child.  Don’t force them to read books they aren’t interested in because you think that’s what they should read. Also don’t try to make them read books at their grade level if they are struggling to read in school.  A child may be more interested in reading a simpler book that is easier for them to follow and understand.  Your child may even prefer to read a comic book or a graphic novel.  Whatever they choose to read, they are still practicing reading, and it will still help them with their overall reading ability in the long run.

Daily reading does not have to be hard.  Let your child choose whatever book they are interested in to read and slowly increase the amount of time they read.  The key is to try to set aside time every day to read.

How do you make sure your child is reading every day?

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