Advanced Readers: Best Book Lists

One of the ways to help your advanced reader choose books that are appropriate for their age and level is to conduct research of books lists online. There are many great resources geared toward advanced readers to provide books that are both challenging and rewarding.  By using best book lists for advanced readers, you can find books that motivate your children.

If you do find that your child wants to read a book that you are not comfortable reading, then it is okay to redirect them to another choice. This could include giving suggestions of books you think they will like or even books that might be outside of their comfort zone – poetry, non-fiction, historical fiction, etc. For early elementary aged readers, you could also encourage them to read picture books. While many people traditionally associate picture books with beginning readers, many picture books are more complex and challenging along with including amazing artwork.  Sometimes picture books motivate children to read because they find the pictures engaging.  eBooks might also be a motivator and we will discuss that in our next post.

Here are some resource books lists for your advanced reader:

What book lists do you use in order to help your child select challenging, but age appropriate books? Look for the next post in this series about eBooks for advanced readers and remember that if you find and use best book lists for advanced readers, you can continue to motivate them to read and learn!

Photo by: David Mulder

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