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To conclude our series on Fall into Reading, we provide one more way that you can build good reading habits for this fall and the beginning of school. These strategies will help you to get back into the habit of practicing reading skills with your child at home and establishing a routine. In previous posts, we discussed reading fall themed books, creating a reading nook, and modeling reading at home. This post will feature reading before bedtime including engaging book options.

For an emerging reader, Good Night Moon is a classic favorite. This book has a rhyming pattern that is soothing and rhythmic which helps to settle young children down and get them ready for bed as they recount the objects in the child’s room and tell them good night. There is also a great video version on YouTube that is narrated by Susan Sarandon that you can read along with together

If you are reading aloud, you can also pick a book that is slightly above your child’s reading level. This way you can expose them to more challenging text. A favorite is Harry Potter. Keep in mind as you go through the books, the themes do become a bit darker, so you want to space out the books appropriately for their maturity.

For a child that wants to read alone before bed, a chapter book series would keep them engaged and wanting to read more. The Babysitters Club is still a favorite of girls and The Boxcar Children is great for both boys and girls.

What are your favorite books to read to your children before bedtime?

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