Building Your Child’s Reading Library – Informational Texts

As part of your child’s at home reading library, you want to make sure that you include print rich books that are informational texts.  Informational texts are non-fiction books that impart knowledge on a specific topic that includes social and natural elements.  The setup of an informational text typically includes graphs, data, comparisons, and photos with labels.  This differs from biographies or other non-fiction texts.

Building Your Child’s Reading Library – Informational Texts

Having informational texts at home will provide you and your child with an opportunity to learn how to practice good reading skills that can be applied to textbooks your child will be reading in class along with current state testing standards.  In addition, this style of book will provide your child with real-world knowledge that can be applied in various aspects of their life.

One way to begin your search for high quality informational books is by looking for Robert F. Sibert award winners and runner ups.  This award is given to top informational books of the year.  The link provides you with current and past winners and runner ups.

Another great resource is National Geographic.  They have a wide variety of books and magazines on topics ranging from animals, history, sports, science, and countries.  This is a website that you could search with your child to find books they might be interested in reading.  Once you click select on the book, a short description along with the appropriate age-range is included in an overview.

Informational texts will make a great addition to your child’s home library along with widening their world.

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