Creative Writing Series

Creative Writing with Legos – Making Writing Fun

If you have been reading this blog for a period of time, you will know that I love Legos ®.  They can be used in so many different ways beyond just building and creating items depicted on the box.  They can be used to create and solve math problems, be used to learn colors and sight words, and in this activity, they can be

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Creative Writing Story Bags

A fun activity to encourage reading, writing, and speaking that is great for doing at home is called story bags (or story sacks).  All you have to do to start this activity is to fill a bag with several items from around your house that can be used as a story-starter idea or even to tell a whole story.  This activity is great for

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Creative Writing – Making Reading, Writing, and Speaking Fun

In this series on creative writing, you will learn a variety of fun activities that you can do with your children at home to incorporate reading, writing, and speaking creatively.  Creative writing has many educational benefits including developing higher-level reading skills, better verbal thinking, better writing skills, and the ability to coherently tell a story. In school, creative writing typically incorporates keeping a journal

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Creative Writing Based Upon Books

Creative writing doesn’t always have to use a story starter in order to begin your story.  One creative twist to creative writing would be to base your writing from another story that you have read with your children.  You can start the activity by choosing a book to read with them and then plan are a variety of follow-up activities that you can do

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