Fall into Reading

Best Books Before Bedtime – Fall into Reading

To conclude our series on Fall into Reading, we provide one more way that you can build good reading habits for this fall and the beginning of school. These strategies will help you to get back into the habit of practicing reading skills with your child at home and establishing a routine. In previous posts, we discussed reading fall themed books, creating a reading

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Modeling Reading at Home – Fall into Reading

One way to get back into the routine of reading at home is by modeling reading to your children. When you are at home, instead of watching T.V. or running around doing chores, it is important to take time to sit down and read. If your children are asked to keep a reading log for school, it is typically for 20-30 minutes a night.

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Creating a Reading Nook – Fall into Reading

One way to encourage your children to read at home this fall is by setting up a fun and quiet area where they can read their books. Depending on your children’s age and the space that you have in your home, reading nooks or corners can take on many different looks. However, the important part is that they have a quiet space where they

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Fall Themed Books – Fall into Reading

Fall into Reading: Fall Themed Books Fall is a perfect time to get back into a routine at home with practice and encouraging reading outside of school. Since children are back into a routine for school, it can make for an easier transition to incorporate reading at home. There are many ways that this can be done: setup a reading area at home, model

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