Choosing Books Based on the Three Purposes of Writing

purposes of writing

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Three Purposes of Writing

Every author writes with one of three purposes of writing in mind.  He either writes to persuade, to inform, or to entertain.  Most children tend to choose books that entertain – novels, comic books, etc.  However, it is helpful to at least introduce your child to reading materials that can inform or persuade as well.  But how do you do that?  Here are just a few suggestions to help you get started.


It can be challenging to find things that persuade.  One of the best sources is the opinion or editorial section of your local newspaper.  A quick read through of the articles would allow you to choose which ones are appropriate for your child.  Once your child reads the article, you can then discuss whatever topic the articles was about.  This also encourages your child to think logically and form their own opinions about issues.


Libraries are wonderful sources of informative books.  Even the children’s section of the library will have informative books sorted by topic.  At first you could choose books covering a variety of topics.  Or if you know your child is interested in certain subjects, check out several books about that specific topic. This is also a perfect opportunity to teach your child about the parts of a book – contents page, glossary, index.  All of these are important book features that your child will use in the future (especially when writing papers).


Whether they are picture books or novels, you probably already read entertaining books to your children.  There are some other kinds of books written to entertain that you may not have thought to read though.  Try to choose books in many different genres, like folk or fairy tales, historical fiction, and even poetry.

So the next time you go to the library or bookstore, remember PIE – persuade, inform, entertain.  Encourage your child to read selections from each type of writing, and you will make your child a more well-rounded reader.

What type of literature does your child prefer to read the most?

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