The Countries: World Cup Reading

Soccer is popular world-wide, and there are many countries that participate in the World Cup games.  If your child enjoyed watching the different games, you have a great opportunity to encourage them to read about some of the countries that played.

Emphasize Geography

Reading about soccer around the world is a great way to not only encourage reading, but also mix in some geography as well.  You could hang a world map in your house and put pins or flags on the countries that your child reads about.  Another great visual would be to print off a blank world map.  Then have your child color in the countries that he learns about.  What countries do your children enjoy reading about?

Study Other Cultures

Along with learning where countries are located, reading about the countries involved in the World Cup will introduce your child to different cultures.  They will be able to read about the lives of children around the world.  You could help them cook recipes from the countries, play games that other children play, and even learn what children in other countries call their parents or grandparents.

Relate to Children Around the World

Children who read are encouraged to form connections between themselves and what they are reading.  When reading about other countries, children will have the opportunity to see that children around the world often face similar problems and challenges to themselves.  Although the settings may be different, children are children no matter where they live, and your children will be interested to learn that.  Encourage them to talk about the children in the books and how their experiences are similar to or different from the things they have experienced in life.

Reading about other countries exposes your children to many new and exciting areas and cultures.  For some recommendations about books that focus on different countries, has a post listing interesting books by continent.  The next post in this series will list several interesting soccer players and their biographies.  How do you introduce your children to new places?

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