Creating a Reading Nook – Fall into Reading

One way to encourage your children to read at home this fall is by setting up a fun and quiet area where they can read their books. Depending on your children’s age and the space that you have in your home, reading nooks or corners can take on many different looks. However, the important part is that they have a quiet space where they can read or even better where you can all read together.

For toddlers and emerging readers, setting up an area where you are able to support their interest in reading is important. The easiest way is to setup a shelf or bin at their height where they are able to easily access books without assistance. This allows them to learn the pre-reading process of getting a book, flipping the pages, and you will see them make up a story to go along with the pictures. Providing an area, whether a chair for them or a space for both the child and you. Perhaps a nursery rocking chair can be transitioned into a special chair to support this love of reading.

Older children typically like an area for their reading nook that is meant for them, but is still parent-friendly. I have seen corners in bedrooms or even closets transformed into reading nooks. Adding book shelving, pillows or beanbags, and good lighting are important. This special area encourages them to read as well as finding a quiet space away from the television and hustle and bustle of the home.

What special things did you do when you created a reading nook in your home?

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