Creative Writing Based Upon Books

Creative writing doesn’t always have to use a story starter in order to begin your story.  One creative twist to creative writing would be to base your writing from another story that you have read with your children.  You can start the activity by choosing a book to read with them and then plan are a variety of follow-up activities that you can do to encourage writing.

Here are a variety of activities for creative writing:

  • Choose a wordless picture book to then have your child write the story
  • Have them write an alternate ending to the story
  • Re-write the story, including themselves as one of the main characters and analyze how the story would change
  • Re-write the story from a different point of view (choosing one of the other characters)
  • Have them write the sequel to the story

As you can see, there are many ways that you can encourage your child at home to be creative writers.  After having them write, it is important for them to publish their finished work.  This could mean allowing them to type and print their story, or even using an online book-making program like StoryJumper.

We hope you enjoyed this series on creative writing and how it can be used to encourage your child to read, write, and speak.

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