Creative Writing – Making Reading, Writing, and Speaking Fun

In this series on creative writing, you will learn a variety of fun activities that you can do with your children at home to incorporate reading, writing, and speaking creatively.  Creative writing has many educational benefits including developing higher-level reading skills, better verbal thinking, better writing skills, and the ability to coherently tell a story.

In school, creative writing typically incorporates keeping a journal in a primary notebook that is shared between the teacher and student or writing prompts that are geared around holidays.  That doesn’t have to be done the same way at home.  There are many ways that you can have your child do creative writing at home in a fun an engaging way.

Ideas in this series will include unique story starters, ways to incorporate reading and speaking through creative writing, and using manipulatives.  Providing opportunities for children to revise and then publish their writing makes for an intrinsically motivational project at home.

What activities do you do at home to encourage your children to write creatively?  Check back later this month for a story starter activity using story bags.

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