Creative Writing Story Bags

A fun activity to encourage reading, writing, and speaking that is great for doing at home is called story bags (or story sacks).  All you have to do to start this activity is to fill a bag with several items from around your house that can be used as a story-starter idea or even to tell a whole story.  This activity is great for a household with several children since stories can be written and then read or just shared aloud.  Some ideas of what you can fill you bag with include small toys or I’ve seen this activity done with drawings or paintings on stones.

This project can be done in two different ways.  You can have your child pull one item out of the bag and then they can write their story using that object as their story starter.  You can provide direction as to how much or how little this object needs to be in the story.  After they pick one object out, you could have them start to write and after several minutes of writing, they could pull another object out and then have to weave this item into the story.  You can continue this as much or as little as you like and even spread this over longer periods of time.  In addition, you can have them revise their story, create a final product, and add illustrations.

Instead of having your child write the story, you could have them create a podcast (audio recording) or video recording of their story.  This activity still promotes the ideas of creativity, use of transitions, and encourages story-telling skills.  The opportunities are endless with a story bag.

What other twists can you add to the idea of a story bag?  Check back later this week for more creative writing ideas for practicing writing, reading and speaking at home.

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