Creative Writing with Legos – Making Writing Fun

If you have been reading this blog for a period of time, you will know that I love Legos ®.  They can be used in so many different ways beyond just building and creating items depicted on the box.  They can be used to create and solve math problems, be used to learn colors and sight words, and in this activity, they can be used to launch creative writing ideas.

You can have your child create scenes of a story using the Lego’s.  Using white printer paper clipped together, you can create a photo box to take pictures of their scenes.  Using the “freemium” version of StoryVisulalizer, an online story creator developed by Lego, your children can add their pictures of the Lego story and then add text bubbles to add speech or descriptions.  The only down side to this program is that you are unable to print from the free version of the program.

Another way for them to build their story for their Lego creations would be to create a simple Word template and add their photos and text.  This would create a printable comic strip.  Younger children may need parental assistance for this activity.  What a fun way to get children writing, reading speaking, and learning elements of a story.

What other fun creative writing activities can you think of that can incorporate Legos?  Check back for the last post in our series on creative writingCreative Writing Based Upon Books.

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