Do and Don’ts of Reading Aloud to Your Child

Here are some tips and tricks for reading aloud to your child.  This can be used as a reference to help guide you in the right direction when starting to read aloud with your child, no matter their age.

Do and Don’ts of Reading Aloud to Your Child


  1. Start reading to your child at a young age and don’t stop just because they are getting older.  Starting this activity at a young age builds the expectation and intrinsic motivation that reading is important.
  2. While reading, if your child has a question, stop.  Take the time to answer their questions and go more in depth if they are interested.  You may not get through an entire chapter or get to the point in the book where you wanted to, but the discussion is just as important as the reading.
  3. Try to set aside a minimum of 30 minutes a night for reading.  This doesn’t always have to be reading aloud, but 30 minutes is the recommended amount of time to increase a child’s vocabulary, comprehension, and overall reading ability.


  1. Don’t read a story that you don’t like.  If you don’t like it, then your child most likely won’t like it either.  Try to pick books that are recommended for read-alouds as they will be better suited.
  2. Don’t confuse quantity with quality.  Sometimes shorter books are better books.  Sometimes reading a picture book to your 5th grader can be just as engaging and meaningful as reading a chapter book.  Mix up the types of books you are reading aloud including different genres, styles, length, authors, and fiction and non-fiction choices.
  3. Don’t impose your interpretation of a book on your child.  Books can have many meanings to many different people.  Your view is not the only view on a book.  Make sure your child feels like they can have an open discussion with you about a book without you always imposing your views.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

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