Earth Day Literacy Activities

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is celebrated around the world on Monday, April 22nd.  However, many resources and activities are available during the month of April related to Earth Day that will engage children at home.  By selecting these activities carefully, you can help enhance their literacy skills while having fun.

One activity for upper elementary students is to have them research and read about how Earth Day was started.  They will find it was created in 1970 by an environmentalist.  Their research can be expanded to read about the environmental movement and they can identify issues that are of concern to them.  For example, many of the children in my region focus on ocean pollution and beach erosion and chose to read about how environmentalists are addressing those issues.  Here are literacy ideas to incorporate learning about environmentalists.  This can provide a background for your child to get involved in conservation activities in your community.

In addition, you can have your child research about local conservation, recycling, and other Earth activities.  In my community, the local community college offers a wide variety of activities open to the public to spread awareness about Earth Day.  These activities are for all-ages and include a green market, a large group yoga class on the football field, a “zero-emissions” scavenger hunt, guest speakers, movies in the park, a nature walk to remove invasive plant species, tree planting, and a series on how we can create renewable energy from the ocean.  Just by typing in a search engine your local city name and Earth Day 2013, you will get many results of activities that you can have your whole family get involved with this Earth Day.

Here are many other activities that you can do at home to celebrate Earth Day.  Many of these activities incorporate literacy and Language Arts skills along with science, math, and art.

Written by Laura VanHellemont

Photo by DonkeyHotey

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