Elements of Literature (Part 1 of 4)

As your child is reading a story, whether for pleasure or for school, it is important for them to be able to recognize and respond to questions about the elements of literature. Elements of literature include plot, theme, setting, characterization, conflict, mood, style, tone, and point of view. This series will cover the different elements of literature and activities that you can do at home to help them build this reading skill. Background information will be covered so that you, as the parent, can help them to build these skills at home as well as activities that reinforce skills already learned.

Read, Write, Think has an informative website about the elements of literature with specific examples that is a good resource both for parents to review and for children to learn the concepts of the elements they should be looking for as they are reading. Learning about Literary Elements helps them to analyze and go deeper into the story, something that will be asked of them in reading classes for literature analysis and book reports. These skills are typically introduced in school at the upper-elementary and middle school levels, but you can model learning about the various literary elements earlier at home.

What other resources have you used to help children learn about the elements of literature at home? Check back later for more in this series about reinforcing the concepts of plot, theme, and setting at home.

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