Engaging Activities for Learning Grammar Skills

Children are intrinsically motivated to learn using technology.  Technology provides a hands-on approach for learning, typically with immediate feedback.  Children are able to quickly assess what they know and don’t know on a particular topic.

Engaging Activities for Learning Grammar Skills

Grammar is an area where students struggle throughout elementary school because there are so many rules to follow in proper English writing.  With advances in word processing programs and increased use of text lingo, grammar conventions have been altered in their everyday use.  However, children must learn that using shorthand is acceptable for informal writing, but not in the educational setting.  In this three-part series, you will learn about three different technology tools that children can use at home to help build their grammar skills.

Maggie’s Earth Adventures – Grammar

Maggie’s Earth Adventures is a website created by Scholastic where children can play interactive learning games on grammar, math, Spanish, and science.  For grammar, there are five different games including practice with nouns, verbs, adjective modifiers, prefixes, suffixes, homophones, homonyms, capital letters, punctuation, quotation marks, and apostrophes.  The allow practice for grammar in both English and Spanish.

Each game starts with an introduction of the topic being learned and directions on how to play.  These games can be used as an introduction to the grammar skill before they will learn it in school or as a reinforcement activity for practice on a skill at home.  It is an activity that you child will be able to independently at home or with supervision to monitor progress.

In addition, the website includes a link for related books on the topics presented in Maggie’s Earth Adventures.  This includes several books for grades K-8 on reinforcing grammar skills.  There is also a teacher’s resource page that can also be really helpful for a parent.  This page includes ideas on how to incorporate the website at home, keeping a tracking list of their progress, and additional websites to learn more about grammar.

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