Extension Activities for Reading at Home

Making connections with the real world through reading is a very important skill for children.  This is something that teachers strive to do and that you can help support at home. Stories build connections in many ways in our everyday lives, within our community, and beyond. Connections can be made as simply as relating ideas in the books to family life to create extension activities for reading at home.

Early readers will love the fun of the Pete the Cat series. These novels written for pre-school and beginning readers make connections to many difference aspects of everyday life. Some examples include scuba diving, baseball, trains, and construction. Connections are also built upon the readers experiences or to prepare them for experiences like making lunch choices, going to school, or visiting a farm.

Charloette’s Web is a classic novel that focuses around the themes of understanding and awareness with friendships. Connections can be made in this novel about animals and farms as well as helping others. You may visit a working farm together to see what farm life is really like and to meet and care for the different animals. Maybe you can even visit your local county or state fair. Another way to make a meaningful connection to this novel is to find an organization in your area that will allow your child to volunteer to give back to the community.

Extension activities for novels don’t always have to be experiences that you have outside of your home. One theme in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is about family. Making connections with your family by melting and molding chocolate would be a fun and engaging extension activity.

What are some of the favorite stories that your child has read and what activities have they done to support their reading?

Photo by:  Joe Goldberg

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