Fall Reading Fun: Part 1

Fall has arrived, and no matter where you live around the world, your children will enjoy reading stories about this fun season.  In this four part series, you will hear about some favorite fall picture books along with a corresponding activity that you can do with your child for each book.

Bare Tree Fall Painting

  • Start by reading Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett.  In this book a little squirrel panics when his tree begins to lose its leaves.  After many attempts to stick the leaves back on, his mother finally explains to him that the tree will grow new leaves in the spring.
  • You could also read Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson with your children.  In a story line similar to Leaf Trouble, Fletcher the fox thinks that the leaves falling means that the trees are dying.  Imagine his surprise when he finds out that is not the case!
  • Once you have reassured your child that the trees will regrow their leaves, you can let them paint their own bare fall tree painting.  First, let them cover an entire piece of paper with fall colors like orange, red, and yellow.  This is going to form the sunset background of the picture.  Next, while the painting dries, trace your child’s arm and fingers onto a brown piece of paper. (If you don’t have brown paper, your child can color the traced arm brown.)  Then, let your child cut out the arm and finger tracing.  This will be the bare tree of the picture.  Finally, glue the brown “tree” onto the dry fall sunset painting.  You will end up with a cute fall craft to display throughout the season.

Fall Leaf Pile

  • Read The Saturday Triplets #1: Lost in the Leaf Pile by Katharine Kenah with your children.  Two sisters and a brother race to build the biggest leaf pile they can.  In the process, they notice that their cat is missing! Will they be able to find him?
  • Another fun book is The Big Leaf Pile – a Clifford book by Norman Bridwell.  Clifford and his friends have been raking leaves into huge piles.  When T-Bone has to leave, Clifford and Cleo promise to watch over his leaf pile until he returns.  Can they keep their promise?
  • Now that your children are excited about the fun to be found in a simple leaf pile, you can let them help you rake leaves in your yard.  Get out the rakes and let each child make their own leaf pile. (If your children like competition, they can compete to see who can make the biggest leaf pile.)  Once they have made some good-sized piles, rake them all together.  Now let them jump into the huge pile.
  • Once your child is done jumping into the leaf pile, you can also have them take turns hiding things in the leaves for the other children to find.

When the leaves start falling off the trees, you can read these fun books with your children.  Then get out the art supplies or take them outside and let the fun fall books come to life for your children.  What other books about leaves do you read with your children?

Photo by: Enokson

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