Fall Reading Fun: Part 4

No matter what season it is, children enjoy spending time with friends.  Fall is no exception to that. These fun fall books encourage friendship, and the activities that go along with each book are perfect for friends to do together! (If you like these fall activities, you can find more fall fun in part 1, part 2, and part 3 of this series.)

Fall Food Activities

  • In the book Four Friends in Autumn by Tomie DePaola, Mistress Pig is excited to celebrate fall by cooking up a delicious feast for her friend. While she has good intentions, the meal goes a little bit wrong when she begins to taste all her dishes and then eats the entire meal. What will the four friends do instead?
  • Another cute fall food book is Grow a Pumpkin Pie! by Jane Gerver. Two children plant pumpkin seeds and watch their pumpkin grow. When it is big enough, they use the pumpkin to make their very own pumpkin pie. This simple book introduces children to the life cycle of a pumpkin with cute illustrations and simple wording.
  • To further reinforce what your children have learned from these fun books, you could invite a friend or two over to help make homemade pumpkin pie.  (If you want even more fall fun, you could let the children pick out their own pumpkin from the store or orchard.)  Then let the children measure ingredients, add them to the bowl, and stir to help you make a yummy pumpkin pie.

Build a Scarecrow

  • Scarecrows are a regular fixture during the fall season.  Your children will enjoy imagining how scarecrows were invented while reading the book Scarecrows and How They Came to Be by Susan and Stephen May.  This cute book describes how a farmer and his wife come up with the idea for a scarecrow, but it adds a fun twist at the end of the story.
  • The Scarecrow by Gina Thompson tells the story of a lonely scarecrow. He is so good at scaring that he cannot make friends.  You children will enjoy reading about this lonely scarecrow and his attempts to make friends.
  • You can make a scarecrow with your children.  All really need is some old clothes and something to stuff the scarecrow with. You can use straw if you have it, but you can also stuff the scarecrow with leaves that you have raked up. Start by stuffing the shirt and pants with leaves or straw.  Tie the ends of the arms and legs with string or a rubberband. For a head, you can set a carved or painted pumpkin on top of the shirt.  You could also use an old pillowcase. Simply stuff it, tie the end, and paint a face on it.  You can set the constructed scarecrow on your porch or by the front door.  An old hat and shoes will complete the effect.
  • If you don’t want to make an actual scarecrow, your children will still have fun making this cute scarecrow craft. You can find the body here and the arms and legs here.

So this fall, let your children invite a friend or too over.  You can have story time and then have some fun with one of these fall activities! What other fall activities do your children enjoy?

Photo by:  Monika

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