Fall Themed Books

Fall themed books

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to change colors, it is a great opportunity to have your child read fall-themed books.  You can snuggle up on the couch with some hot apple cider and fresh cinnamon doughnuts and read together with your children.  Here are a few popular fall-themed books that can engage your young reader.

For a picture book recommendation, I suggest Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.  Keep in mind picture books are fun for children of all ages, not just the young ones.  Leaf Man is a story about the travels of the blowing fall leaves (in the shape of a man).  It is written in lyrical style text that will grab your young readers interest and is beautifully illustrated with different textures that show the flow on the page as well as having leaves take the shape of different animals.  After reading this book with your children.  you can do an extension activity like building your own “Leaf Man” out of leaves in your yard.

A great book for upper elementary aged children is Fall Walk by Virginia Brimhall Snow.  Like Leaf Man, this is lyrical tale with illustrations but is geared a bit toward older children.  There are hands on activities including directions on how to make leaf rubbings and leaf pressings.  Children also learn about which leaves come from which trees based on their shapes and colors.  It is a fun and interactive book to read at home.

Here are additional lists of great fall favorites:

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What are your fall favorites?

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