Favorite Picture Books about Color

One of the concepts that children work on during their first years of school are colors.  Of course most children probably know their colors before school.  Learning the color words can be a little more tricky.  Students have to memorize the color words and associate them with the color they belong to.  You can help your child learn the color words by reading some of these fun picture books about color with him.

  • The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt – Poor Duncan opens his desk at school one day to find a stack of letters instead of his crayon box.  Each page in this funny book is a letter from one of the crayons telling Duncan how they feel about his coloring.  Children will laugh when they think of the crayons feeling tired or unused.  Not only does this story emphasize colors, but it will also encourage children to use all the colors when they color!
  • Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh – Three white mice start the book hiding from a cat on a white piece of paper.  The colorful adventure begins when the mice find three containers of paint – blue, red, and yellow.  The mice mix the paint to turn themselves different colors.  Full of large, bright pictures, this book is perfect for introducing your child to the concept of mixing colors to make new colors.
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See by Bill Martin, Jr. – Each page of this book shows children a different brightly colored animal.  From the first brown bear to a purple cat and a blue horse, children will love looking at the delightful illustrations of Eric Carle while listening to the simple words of the story.
  • Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin – Pete the Cat has a brand new pair of white shoes that he is very proud of!  But when he steps in a pile of strawberries, his new shoes turn red.  Is Pete upset?  No, he loves his red shoes too.  No matter what color his shoes end up, Pete loves his new shoes!  Pete the Cat is already a huge favorite with children, and this fun book is no exception.

There are so many fun books about color to be found that this is just a sample.  Bringing books about color into your home gives your children many opportunities to read the color words for themselves in a real setting.  Encourage them to read along with you by pointing to the words as you read.  You can even stop at the color words you see and let your child read those words.  Even if they are still learning, they will probably be able to guess the word by looking at the pictures on the page.  So help reinforce those color words by reading these books and others to your children!

What other books about color do you like to read with your children?

Photo by: A National Acrobat

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