First Writing Experiences

Kindergarten is typically one of the first formal experiences that children have to learn writing.  At home, preparing children for kindergarten includes teaching children the basics of writing.  Young children learn the letters of the alphabet (both upper and lowercase), how to spell their name, and other simple words like the, we, me, you, and us.  In this series, you will learn various tips and tricks to reinforce writing skills at home.

First Writing Experiences

Order of Learning Letters and Words (Day 1)

One of the first writing experiences should be to teach your child how to spell their name.  This means that they should be using the combination of upper and lowercase letters.  While teaching all uppercase letters is easier, you should encourage your child to learn to write their name properly the first time around.  This reduces the bad habit of writing in all capital letters or having to re-teach them how to write their name properly.  This is typically the first word a child learns to spell.

When practicing with your child how to write letters, you will typically see that the home learning assignments for learning the letters will not be taught in alphabetical order.  Some letters are much harder to write than other letters and certain letters are used less frequently so they will not be taught until later.  Here is a list of order to teach writing letters based on Montessori education.  You should teach and reinforce high-frequency letters before teaching the less used letters.  Teaching capital letters first is also encouraged before moving on to lower case.

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