Flocabulary is a website to help children learn vocabulary and ideas about topics related to social studies, science, math, language arts, and current events through songs and videos.  There are several videos posted every week that are available for free.  Each video includes a rap-style song to help children to remember the important facts about the topic.  For example, the video on the metric system includes a rap with a pneumonic device to remember the order of the Latin prefixes for converting numbers in the metric system.  The lyrics to the songs are also provided so children can read and follow along while watching and listening to the video.  This is great for reinforcement of math skills along with learning Latin prefixes for language arts.


There is also a paid version of this website for $5 a month that offers unlimited access to all of the videos and songs.   It is an excellent tool to use to support home learning assignments or as an intro when you know your child will be learning about one of these upcoming topics.  The Language Arts section of this website also includes books in the form of songs for children that are in early elementary grades to encourage vocabulary development.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

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