Fun Read Aloud Activities

Besides reading a novel or a passage at home there are many activities that you can do with your child to get them reading aloud and practicing their fluency skills.  While you are cooking or baking, you can have your child read the recipe aloud as you are working together in the kitchen.

Fun Read Aloud Activities

You can also do readers theater.  In this activity you can include the whole family or even your child’s friends to read from a reader’s theater skit.  Typically, costumes and props are not needed, but you could add them if your child desired.  They would practice the skit and then could perform it for or with you.

Songs also provide a creative approach to practicing reading aloud.  You can have your child practice reading a song from the lyrics script and then when they are fluent with reading it they should be able to sing the song.  You could even add costumes and background music to make this a fun reading activity with your child.  Adding the background music would add another level of complexity by having the child have to sing to the beat of the music.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

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