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Rhyming Words Books

Have you ever noticed how many favorite children’s books are filled with rhyming words?  The Cat in the Hat, Moose on the Loose, and The Big Red Barn are just a few of the many, many rhyming books that children love.  Kids love not only to read rhyming books, but they also enjoy playing rhyming games with you.  Rhyming games are simple and can be played almost anywhere.

Rhyming In the Car

Car rides can be boring for children, but rhyming can make it more interesting.  Pick an object either inside or outside of the car (tree, road, seat, etc.).  Then you and your child simply take turns thinking of words that rhyme with the chosen object.  When you run out of rhyming words, choose a new object and start again! (This same game can be played anywhere that your child gets bored.  Restaurants and grocery stores are full of objects that you can rhyme with.)

Finish the Rhyme

When reading books that rhyme, have your child make up new rhyming words to finish the sentences.  You may have to show them how this works at first.  Once they understand, children will have fun making up silly rhymes to change the story around.  They can make the story different every time you read it.

Does it Rhyme?

This is another game that can be played anywhere and seems so simple, but young children have fun with it.  Just say two words, rhyming or not, and have your child tell you whether or not they rhyme.  Then have your child quiz you by saying their own two words.  Your child will especially like trying to trick you into saying that words rhyme when they don’t.

So why emphasize rhyming words with your young children?  Being able to recognize and choose rhyming words is an important skill when learning how to read.  It makes it easier for children to learn groups of words that have the same ending such as cat, hat, bat, and mat.  Rhyming is important, but it is also fun for your children.

How do you help your children learn to rhyme?

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