Fun Sources for Nonfiction Reading

As adults, most of us read nonfiction on a regular basis.  We read the newspaper or magazines. We look up information online or read our favorite blogs.  But when we think of children being required to read nonfiction, we tend to picture long boring books without any pictures.  In reality, there are many, many sources of interesting nonfiction out there for our children to read.  Here are some of the best nonfiction texts that you can get for your children.

Kids Discover

Kids Discover has a great selection of nonfiction materials for your children.  You can order print books or look at free online infographics.  They also have a great selection of iPad apps.  The subject matter includes both History and Science topics so there is plenty of topics for any child’s interest!

National Geographic Kids

To start, National Geographic Kids has a website full of interactive fun for children.  They can read interesting articles, take surveys, and look at amazing animal photographs.  If you are interested in giving your child something not online to read, you can also subscribe to the National Geographic Kids Magazine.  It is just as jam-packed full of fun information as their website.  This magazine is also great for struggling readers as many of the articles are short and easy to read.

Nonfiction Book Series

Starting a new series can get your child hooked on nonfiction and asking for more.  Here are some of my favorite nonfiction series:

  • I Survived by Lauren Tarshis – Each book in this series looks at a famous disaster from the viewpoint of a child who survived that disaster.  While the books are nonfiction, they are written in story format making them more interesting for children who don’t enjoy nonfiction.
  • Who Was? by Penguin Books – These fun and simple books look at the life of famous people in history.  And if your children like the Who Was? books, they may also enjoy reading the What Was? series about historical events or the Where Is? series about important historical landmarks around the world.
  • If You Lived by Ann McGovern – While history can sometimes seem boring to children, these books invite children to imagine what life was like for children during different times in history.

Your children will be drawn in by the bright colors and fun illustrations in all of these books, websites, and magazines.  You will be surprised at the interesting information they learn along the way.

Photo by: Enokson

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