Great Reading Games for Learning Fun Anytime

Great Games for Anytime

Alphabet Game

These reading games can be played for learning fun anytime.  The first game is the Alphabet Game.  Very simply, wherever you are, you find objects that start with each letter of the alphabet in order.  To add writing and spelling components to this game you can have your child write them down the words that you list together.  If they are hard words to spell, you can word with them to help sound them out and improve their spelling skills while increasing their vocabulary.

Chain Letter Spelling Game

Another fun game is the Chain Letter Spelling Game.  For this on-the-go game you start off by saying one letter.  The next person adds another letter that would continue to build a word.  You go back and forth to continue to try to stretch out the word into something longer and possibly different.  The loser is the one who has to add the last letter to the word.  Then you start all over!

Hangman Game

Hangman is also a classic go-to game.  One person comes up with a word or phrase and then the others guess letters until they solve the puzzle.  If a letter is guessed incorrectly, you draw part of the person.  If the person is drawn completely and no one has guessed the answer, then the person who came up with the puzzle wins and gets to go again.  If someone else guesses the answer to the puzzle, then they get to be the puzzle maker and the game starts over again.

Words That Rhyme

Lastly, a very simple activity could be to come up with words that rhyme.  If you start with “bad”, the other person could say “glad”, and then you could say “mad” until you can’t come up with any more rhyming words.  Then you pick another word to start the rhymes over again.

Reading Games

Overall, what are your favorite reading games from this series that you can see playing with your child the next time that you find yourself on the road, traveling, or waiting?

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