Hands-on Reading Comprehension Activities (day 2)

There are many ways that you can make reading comprehension more than just asking questions.  There are hands-on activities that will make it more “game-like” and engaging for child.  One way is by using reading comprehension cubes.  You roll the red cube before reading, which includes making predictions, then you roll the blue and green cubes after reading to reflect upon the reading.  This will assist in having a discussion on what they have read to gauge comprehension of the story.

Hands-on Reading Comprehension Activities (day 2)

Another activity includes using a game spinner with reading comprehension questions. The child would spin the spinner to answer the reading comprehension questions. Another game would include making reading comprehension Jenga.  All you would have to do is write comprehension discussion questions on the bricks and then as you pull out the blocks you would answer the questions or have a discussion based on the questions.  Here are directions on how to play the game.

Reading Curriculum and Reading Games by Smart Tutor

Article By Laura VanHellemont

Photo By Geoffery Kehrig

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