Helping your Struggling Beginning Reader:  Catching their Interest (3 of 4)

In our first post in this series, you learned how to determine your child’s reading level and how to help them to pick books that are at their level.  In this post, you will learn strategies for Helping your Struggling Beginning Reader:  Catching their Interest in order for your child to become interested and engaged in reading at home.

  • Allow your child the option to pick out the book that they want to read. Encourage them to choose books in their reading range, or provide support if it is a challenging book.  Here are some tips for scaffolding reading with your child.  Tips for explicit instruction were covered in the previous post in this series.
  • Have your child follow through with completing a book from beginning to end, even if in the beginning they don’t like the book. However, you be the judge if the book isn’t a good fit and if you do need to move on to another book.  It is okay to just encourage your child to not give up too soon.  Revert back to scaffolding if your child needs support in reading the book.
  • Encourage reading of magazines, newspapers, and eBooks in additional to popular picture and beginning chapter books. has interesting articles for kids on a variety of topics and subjects that can be searched by grade level and Lexile level.  Magazines like National Geographic Kids, Ranger Rick Jr., and Ladybug Magazine are always hits with beginning readers.
  • Model reading at home. Show your child that you also like to read a how much you learn from reading.  It can even be a digital newspaper, a recipe, or a New York Times Bestsellers.  If appropriate, share what you are reading to inspire them to read.

What tips do you have to catch the interest of a struggling beginning reader?

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