Helping your Struggling Beginning Reader by using the Epic Library App (4 of 4)

When supporting your struggling beginning reader at home, technology can be a great starting point to build interest in reading.  Whether on a tablet or on a computer, technology can be a big motivator to children to grasp beginning reading concepts.  There is a popular reading app, Epic, that is motivating elementary-aged children to read.

Epic is a reading e-library that is available on the computer and as an app for tablets.  For a fee of $4.99 a month, your child has access to a wide variety of engaging and popular eBooks.  Within the program, it can track your child’s progress as well as provide the option for audio and highlighting while reading a book. Helping your Struggling Beginning Reader by using the Epic Library App is another tool to support your efforts!

Reading ages and levels are provided to make sure that your child is being provided options on their reading level.  In addition, the program provides the option for your child to pick their favorite genres and subjects to give suggestions of books.  Suggestions are also provided after finishing books within the app by giving a rating after reading a book.

A big motivator for kids within this program is that once they complete a book, they earn points to unlock features to modify their reading avatar.   This app has really developed over the last 6 months providing popular choices and non-fiction options for all young readers.  Educators and librarians can receive free accounts for their classroom.

Have you used Epic before?  How has it motivated your child to read more at home?

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