Helping your Child Read their Textbook

Mastering the ability to read a textbook efficiently is an important skill for your child to learn.  You can help your child to practice this skill at home while you are helping them with their home learning assignments.  Elementary textbooks are broken down into chapters that focus on similar concepts.

Helping your Child Read their Textbook

Textbooks typically include activities for pre-reading, lessons, reading passages, and practice problems.   Much of the information may also be included in highlighted boxes, diagrams, drawings, or annotated pictures.  This makes it a very different reading process than you child would have learned when reading stories.

SQ3R Method – Survey & Question

The SQ3R method is a proven way of improving reading of textbooks.  First, your child should survey the pages they have been asked to read.  Have them look at titles, vocabulary words, pictures, diagrams, or maps.  By doing this, they have a good foundation for what they will be reading about.

The next step is to question.  Some teachers have students do this activity where they actually write down questions they have as they are surveying the text.  This could include questions they want to learn more about, or possibly turning vocabulary words and headings into questions.  For example, the lesson is on prime numbers.  Prime would be a vocabulary word and your child could then write down a question “What is a prime number?”  This activity could be done using paper and pencil or even making flash cards.  The question would be written on the front and after reading the material, the child would write the answer to the question on the back.

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