Helping Your Struggling Reader – Dyslexia

Many children struggle with the reading process.  Reading more is typically not the best solution to help your child at home.  There may need to be further intervention both at home and school to help your child read.  The first thing you can do is to pair with your child’s teacher to work together to determine where you child is struggling when reading.  Sometimes it may just be providing structure reading support at home by helping with home learning assignments and building upon those ideas they are learning in school.  However, occasionally the concern is deeper than just providing extra help.

Helping Your Struggling Reader – Dyslexia

Identifying the Problem

The next step would be to try to determine if your child has a reading disability.  Specialized testing can be done at school or through your child’s pediatrician can help to perform testing to determine why your child is struggling with reading.

The most common reading disability is dyslexia.  This is a learning disability that affects the ability to sound out words, speed of comprehension, processing, and overall language skills. Common signs that your child might be dyslexic include difficulty learning new vocabulary, retelling a story, and separating and blending sounds.   It typically  affects spelling ability as well with the child making letter transpositions.  There are many interventions that can be done at home to help your child to become a more successful (and less stressed) reader.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

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