How to Implement Summer Reading at Home

Summer Reading

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Summer Reading Strategies – How to Implement Summer Reading at Home

It is very important to set aside time for children to read over the summer months.  Even if you are on the road or your schedule is more relaxed, it is important to set aside a portion of each day for your child to read.  Some may find it easier to designate a specific time to read, like right after dinner, and others may find it easy to integrate reading into daily activities.  Here are some tips that you can use to help include reading into your summer plans and make it fun:

Read with Your Children

For older children, instead of always having them reading silently to themselves, you can read a story with them.  Find a quiet spot in the house and take turns reading a book to each other.  This is a good way to also challenge your child into reading a book just outside their comfort zone.  You can scaffold and provide support as you are reading through the book together.

Read Stories About the Places You are Visiting

If you are on the road, you can read stories about the places you are visiting.  This combines learning about history and community, helps build your child’s non-fiction reading skills, as well as providing knowledge about the places you are going to visit.  Many popular summer destinations may also have ghost stories about their towns.  This would be a great way to get old kids interested in reading while on the road and they always find the topic engaging.

Model Reading

Finally, if you model reading with your child, they will also be encouraged to unplug and read as well.  If you are reading the newspaper, a book, or even a magazine you can encourage your child to read during that same time.  You can then share with each other about what you read.  It is important to ask your child about what they are reading to ensure their comprehension of what they are reading as well as spurring questions they may have based upon the plot.

Making reading part of the expectation over summer will make it easier to fit into the schedule each day.  How will you implement summer reading at home?

Check back for the final post in this series on summer reading strategies later this week.

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