Incorporating Technology and Writing Skills (day 3)

Incorporating technology to help your child learn how to write is an innovative approach.  Children are motivated by technology and may stay active in the writing process longer by using technology.

Incorporating Technology and Writing Skills (day 3)

One technology device that helps children learn how to write letters and words is the Leap Frog Scribble.  Your child can use the pencil on this device to trace the lighted letter, shapes, and pictures.  It includes both upper and lowercase letters and provides reinforcement of the skills of holding a pencil properly along with the letter skills.  This device is relatively inexpensive, and can be used on the go and even in the dark since it lights up.

A great app to practice writing uppercase, lowercase, and numbers is Letter School.  It is only available on Apple platforms.  This is an intuitive and engaging app for children to practice their writing skills in a games-style mode.  Children will not only learn the letters, they will also learn how to pronounce them and words that they can associate with those letters.   There are three different levels depending on the proficiency of the child.  It starts with building the letters by tapping to connect points, then to tracing, then to drawing freehand.  As the child increases their level and earns stars for writing correctly, it will unlock new levels of the learning game.  It is an engaging app that will help develop the child’s skills over time. Reading Rockets also has an annotated list of the top nine “learning to write” apps.  Check these out with your kids to help them practice.

All of the writing apps can be used by having your child use their finger, however if you want to encourage proper pencil grip, you can also invest in a stylus.  The stylus can be used like a pencil to play on the apps and can provide them with extra reinforcement.  A good stylus for children is the AluPen.  The shape and size make it easier for young children to grasp.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

Photo By Jez Page

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