Learn English Kids

Learn English Kids is a British Council website that has many short stories for children.  While the stories are spoken in “British English”, the accent does not inhibit the reading of the stories.   All of the stories are animated and you can choose if you want to read the story independently or with the assistance of the narrator.  You can also read at your own pace by using the next button when you have read the text on the page.  This provides time for your child to process the story without being rushed.  While the stories are loading on the website there are also story related games to keep the child engaged before reading.

Learn English Kids

At the end of each story there are comprehension questions.  These can be used to see if your child understands the main concepts and vocabulary of the story.   As a parent you can create a free account and have access to additional materials including being able to print the stories, download flashcards with important vocabulary and lists of extension activities.  This website is easy to use and intuitive to where a child could even read the stories independently.

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