Learning All about Sight Words

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Learning All about Sight Words

Sight words are common words that young children who are beginning to learn to read are encouraged to memorize.  These words will help them to begin to read through memorization of popular words, while not having to decode their meaning or pronunciation.  These are words that children typically already have in their spoken vocabulary and just need to make the connection with their written word.  Sight words are also be referred to as Dolch sight words, referring to Dr. Dolch, who came up with the list of the 220 sight words that children should be able to quickly recognize to become fluent readers.  These words can make up over 75% of what is covered in a story for a child.

Children begin learning sight words in pre-kindergarten through second grade, with a bulk of the words being learned by the end of kindergarten.  There are many different ways that you can help your children at home to master these types of words including flash cards, games, activities, books, and music.  Repetition is key and using the list as your guide combined with the lists of words appropriate for your child, depending on their age and readiness, will them to become a successful reader.

Look for the next posts in this series on sight words to learn about activities you can do at home to help your child to memorize and learn their sight words.

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