Learning Sight Words – Flashcards

Learning Sight Words – Flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to help your child to learn their sight words.  You can purchase an inexpensive set of sight word flashcards that include the word on one side and the word used in a sentence on the other.  Showing these to your child while reading aloud to them will help them build the connection of seeing the word to the meaning of the word.

You can even print online flashcards too.  I found this set the easiest to load and print. You can then add your own touch by creating sentences on the back that are meaningful to your child or you and your child can even draw pictures to aid in memorization.  As you go through the flashcards with your child, you can make different stacks of words that they have mastered and words where they need more work.  As they master more words, you can add words from the next level of difficulty into the mix.

Digital Sight Words Flashcards

Digital flashcards that are app-based are also a great way to help memorize sight words.  Sight Words by Little Speller is a free no-frills app that is simple for young learners to use. The activity screen provides one of the sight words in the middle along with tile letters to build that word.  It is then read aloud by the computer.  You then move the tiles that spell that word to match the letters at the bottom of the screen.  It reads the letters aloud and when the word is complete it reads the word, and spells the word again.  If an incorrect letter is placed in the box it bounces back to the middle to try again.  Two other popular apps include Sight Words Games & Flashcards for Reading and Sight Word Ninja.  These apps have a more game style approach but do not spell out the words using the letters. However they do repeat the words and provide great sight word practice.

What digital or traditional flashcards do you use at home with your child to practice sight words?

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