Learning Sight Words with Books and Songs

Learning Sight Words with Books and Songs

Another authentic way to practice learning sight words at home is through reading books and singing songs.  This provides ways that children can learn the words both in context and through high repetition.

Sight Word Books

Bob Books are a popular kindergarten series that promotes early literacy and practice for sight words.  They have hard copies as well as digital copies.  In each book in the series, three new words are covered.  The stories are silly, provide repetition, and are engaging for young children.  These books are highly recommended.

Sight Word Songs

Singing is also a great way for children to practice their sight words.  Many popular tunes like “Bingo” or “Old MacDonald” can be used but change up the word from “bingo” or the farm animal to the sight word they are practicing.  There are also online videos that use song to help children to practice learning sight words.  One popular YouTube Chanel is Have Fun Teaching and they have an entire series on Sight Words.  The word is visually displayed while being repeated, then used in context, and then spelled out.  Each of the videos is catchy and children really enjoy them.

What songs and stories do you read and sing to help your children to learn their sight words?

I hope you have enjoyed this series on sight words and have learned many different ways at home that you can integrate sight word practice.

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