Learning the Alphabet to Read Well

As homeschoolers, our goal in learning anything is to compound knowledge. Setting up building blocks to ensure true understanding of a lesson. To learn how to read well, children must understand the alphabet and its sounds thoroughly.

Learning the Alphabet to Read Well

The alphabet song is classic way to teach the alphabet and everyone seems to use this handy tool as an introduction. Memorizing the alphabet in an easy fun way is the first building block to learn to read.

To supplement this, try these fun ways:

Alphabet Magnets provide a great hands on way to introduce the alphabet. A child can group and organize the letters haphazardly at first but eventually this helps them practice the sequence of the letters.

Sandpaper letters are definitely a kinesthetic learning tool. By including the sense of touch, we provide another sensory tool to associate to each letter.  Sandpaper letters are easy to create however they are available at educational stores for a very reasonable price. Ask your child to close his eyes and feel the sandpaper letter as the say the name of the letter out loud and then the sound. Tracing the shape on the sandpaper and then lift the finger off to form the letter in the air is also a good reinforcer.

-Alphabet “stones” are a fun way to hop on the alphabet. Simply cut out the alphabet from large colorful pieces of cardboard and then place them on the floor and hop on each letter as the alphabet song is sung by both of you or words are starting with each letter are called out. The physical nature of the hopping coupled with the auditory help retention.

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Article by Nuria Almeida

Photo By Leo Reynolds

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