Make Reading Come Alive

Reading is an activity that brings new experiences and ideas into your child’s mind.  It can fuel your child’s imagination and give them story lines to act out.  As a parent, you can help reading come alive for your child by helping your child experience the things they are reading about.

Make Reading Come Alive Through Food

Almost every book you read will mention the characters eating or drinking.  You can bring the story to life by making those foods as a snack or even as your family meal one night.  One great example is the book The BFG.  A whole chapter of the book describes a fizzy, delicious drink that the giant enjoys called frobscottle.  You can follow this recipe to make frobscottle for your child.  If your child is younger, you could make green eggs and ham from the famous Dr. Seuss classic. You can even use a food coloring free recipe!

Make Reading Come Alive Through Projects

Many times the children in books get to create and build some pretty amazing things.  You can let your children attempt the same projects.  After reading The Magic Tree House books give your children some pieces of wood, a hammer, and nails and let them build a tree house of their own.  If your child enjoyed The Lemonade War, then encourage them to start their own lemonade stand in the front yard.  Letting them live out the stories they read will help their reading come alive.

Make Reading Come Alive Through Trips

If you have time, you can bring their reading to life by taking your children to some of the places they have read about.  These trips don’t have to be expensive either.  You could visit a local farm or petting zoo after reading Charlotte’s Web.  The book Blueberries for Sal could be followed up by a trip to pick your own blueberries.

As a child learns to live through the books he reads, he will want to read more and more.  And isn’t that what we want for our children?  Make your child’s reading come alive by doing what he is reading about!  How else can you help your child experience what he is reading about?

Photo by: Kate Ter Haar

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